The mission of the Delaware County Emergency Services Training Center (ESTC) is to train the Emergency Services of Delaware County so that they are prepared to do their job in any situation they are confronted with. Though the need for a training center had been recognized since the early 1970's, it wasn't until 1987 that this dream was realized by acquiring the property and building that is now the ESTC. It took five years after that before classes could be held at the facility. From this humble beginning, the training center has become one of the most comprehensive programs of its kind offering training in:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Department
  • Emergency Medical/Ambulance Services
  • Disaster Planning/and Management
  • Fire Prevention/Education Activities
  • Civil Defense/Emergency Preparedness
  • Hazardous Material Incident Management
  • SAR title III - Hazardous Material handling
  • Industrial, Business & Private Fire Brigades
  • Private Security & Plant Protection
  • Product Testing
  • Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting
  • Heavy Rescue Operations Other Specialized Groups

The Training Center provides this training for 78 volunteer fire companies, 33 ambulance services & 31 municipal police departments, which serve over half a million citizens of Delaware County.